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Secure financing by leveraging your existing free and clear equipment. We accept low credit scores as well as equipment which is 20-25 years old. Our team has successfully financed businesses in the mining, construction, aviation, marine, transportation, manufacturing and oil & gas industries. Learn more by contacting one of our representatives today.

Looking to leaseback a particular equipment? Talk to one of our advisors and find out how we can help you with equipment leaseback.

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Make a request on our website and wait for a response within the next business day. Each customer inquiry is forwarded to the appropriate team member, so they are able to discuss your requirements in depth during your initial meeting.

When we decided to expand our restaurant, we knew that we needed capital for renovation and adding new inventory. Kingsmen offered us a great alternative to taking out a traditional loan with the bank that helped us make the much needed changes. They gave us the exact amount we needed, and created a repayment plan that was easy to pay back and worked well for us.

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