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No Collateral is required for our Flex Solutions, it’s Fast, Flexible And Is Tailored To Match Your Requirements!


Kingsmen Capital Investment’s premier flex loan program positions itself as a flexible financing option for clients. Contrary to traditional business loans, the flex program capitalizes on client’s future receivables to create additional working capital. An essential component in addressing client financing requirements. 


A structure based on cash flow financing, absent of collateral requirements, continues to set us apart from traditional lending. The flexibility associated with the program, puts client’s needs first. As a result over-time, adjustments in repayments complement business performance. 


The financing solution is primarily suited for all businesses generating consistent revenues but also heavily influenced by seasonal trends. Our program provides repayment structures which are directly in line with business activity creating a perfect opportunity for the businesses to grow. Capital is provided to clients aiming to optimize their financing and business interests. In contrast to traditional loans restricting clients to the interest of the lender, Kingsmen adapts in conjunction to client’s business performance.

What is Flex?

Our flex solution has gained popularity amongst Canadian business owners over traditional loans due to the flexibility associated with the program. Clients receive a capital injection based on future debit and credit transactions. Thus creating convenience for them to solely concentrate on growing their business via provided capital form Kingsmen. Access to short term capital provides much needed liquidity to clients’ business activities. 

How Does This Work?

Via the capitalization of business cash flows, the program is able to provide capital in a prompt manner. Hence the program is an ideal solution for clients in need of financing. In essence, the flex program positions itself as a capital injection for business activities aiming to grow revenues and profits. Repayments are based on a specified percentage of daily sales volume. 


A key differentiator for Kingsmen from the rest of the industry lays in it’s program characteristics. Incentivizing early loan payouts for open loan terms and regular renewals in the form of capital injections are available to assist clients and grow their business.

Is It Right Fit For You?

The flexibility and adaptability of the program makes it a preeminent option for clients seeking an essential capital injection. The complementary nature of the repayment structure, is inline with current business activity. As sales reduce during a slower period, payments are reduced to allow maximum debt serviceability, and reducing financial burden. As sales normalize with time, payments adjust accordingly.