Fixed Term Program

Fixed Term Programs

The Best Traditional Solution In The Industry


The Best Traditional Solution In The Industry

The concept of a fixed solution was created to support businesses that do not have debit or credit sales, which are normally not considered by the traditional loaning system. Furthermore, the fixed daily payments allow small business owners to be aware of when they are closer to the end of their terms, hence they can ensure an efficient structure to keep track of their budget.

What is a Fixed Solution?

A fixed solution is often endorsed by small-scale entrepreneurs whose sales are predominantly generated through cheques and deposits. Essentially, Kingsmen capital investment grants a certain amount to the business involved, who are then expected to pay daily over a period of time. As a result, fixed payment allows the business owners to manage monthly expenditure efficiently.

Is A Fixed Solution The Right Fit For Your Business?

Applying for a fixed solution by Kingsmen capital investments is economical in the form of time and management, with a better guarantee to cater certain businesses that are often rejected by banks. Regardless of the business, whether it is for additional staff members or help launch a product. Here, at Kingsmen Capital Investments, our primary motive is to help you accomplish your business goals irrespective of the magnitude of financial support.

When we decided to expand our restaurant, we knew that we needed capital for renovation and adding new inventory. Kingsmen offered us a great alternative to taking out a traditional loan with the bank that helped us make the much needed changes. They gave us the exact amount we needed, and created a repayment plan that was easy to pay back and worked well for us.

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