Flex Solution

Flex Solutions

No Collateral is required for our Flex Solutions, it’s Fast, Flexible And Is Tailored To Match Your Requirements!


Require Capital For Staffing, Inventory Purchases, or Tech Enhancements?

Kingsmen Capital Investment’s Flex Solution provides a better option than a traditional business loan as it capitalizes on your future receivables into working capital that can be used by business owners right away to satisfy their financial requirements immediately.

Our Flex Solution sets up apart from other traditional business loans as it is flexibility along with no requirement for a collateral. Over time, it adjusts the repayment terms to match your businesses performance.

Kingsmen Capital Investment’s Flex Solution is unlike your average non-flexible business loan, as it’s the ideal solution for businesses that use debit or credit transactions, or for businesses that are seasonal of nature that require a temporary source of cash flow. It is up to the business on how they will utilize their capital as long as it is in the optimum interest of the business. In contrast to a traditional business loan where it requires the business to adapt to the funding entities preferences.

What is a Flex Solution?

Canadian business owners prefer to pick our Flex Solution over other traditional forms of business loans as it is a flexible financial solution for them which is practically one of a kind in the financing industry. Businesses receive an advance based on their future debit and credit card transactions, allowing them the ability to focus on growing their business with the capital provided. The ability to have the option to access capital on a short notice can drive your business to a competing entity within your industry.

How Does Our Flex Solution Work? Are The Terms Of Repayment The Same As Other Business Loans Offered?

By capitalizing on your future cash flows we can provide you with cash that you can use immediately. This is an ideal solution for business owners who are facing a short-term financial issue but are confident that such an injection of financial support will help increase their bottom-line in the future. Our repayment is based on a suitable percentage of a business’s daily sales.

Is Our Flex Solution The Right Fit For You?

With our Flex Solution, you’ll be able to access the much-needed capital during your offseasons without feeling the traditional financial burden that other loans come with. Our repayment terms are very adaptable; when sales are lower than anticipated, your payment is lower. That being said, when sales pick back up to normal the borrowed capital is paid back far more easily.

When I first approached Kingsmen, I wasn’t aware of the different types of programs they had to offer as I was only looking for financing. But when I sat down with one of the advisors and learned about their many other programs, I was thrilled to know that they could offer support in area’s that I needed help with – especially social media marketing.

Eddie Malka

Owner, Must Boutique