Businesses that export, and those that form part of the export supply chain, are critical contributors to the Canadian economy. Therefore the Canadian government created these financial programs to help eligible businesses to meet and exceed their objectives and targets.

These loan facilities were mainly designed to provide additional working capital and equipment financing resources for Canadian businesses. This was to facilitate adaptation to the ongoing uncertainty caused by the pandemic as well as associated inflationary and supply chain challenges.

Our goal at Kingsmen Capital Investments is to provide businesses with assistance in obtaining government grants, loans, subsidies, and other financings during this challenging time. So, if you want to know about the importance of funding, the best ways to optimize an application, or simply how to get started, keep reading this blog to learn more about government-backed financial assistance.

Getting started
The process of accessing government financing in Canada can be enjoyable and highly rewarding for you as a business owner to undertake if you utilize the appropriate resources and guidance. So to have success in accessing financing for your business, your business must first understand the Canadian government funding landscape.

Our suggestion is to speak with one of our Account Managers today to confirm your business qualifies and/or explore additional uncollateralized financing options. Our expert advisors will work with you to ensure an efficient application process to expedite funding.

What do you need to know?
To begin with the Canadian government funding process, certain conditions need to be met, which include,

  • Rates: 8.95% to 24%
  • No Specific Collateral Pledged (up to $250,000)
  • Processing Time: Five business days. Business must have been incorporated for twelve months.
  • Annual Minimum Gross Revenue: $100,000
  • Maximum Capital Infusion: a) Working Capital: $250,000 b)Working Capital plus Equipment: $1,000,000
  • Term: Forty-eight to sixty months
  • Payments: Working Capital: First six months – Interest only (Deducted from Payout) 42 Payments – Interest and Principal
  • Payments – Working Capital plus Equipment: Customized or Monthly
  • Use of funds is restricted to: Ongoing scheduled business operating expenses, including rent, scheduled debt servicing payments, general business operating expenses and the purchase of capital assets, purchasing inventory, and working capital.
  • Shareholder(s)/Owner(s) must have an above-average credit score.

Bottom line
All Canadian exporting businesses, whether direct or indirect or future exporters, can explore this financing option. Additionally, companies that are part of their supply chain(s) can also take advantage of these loans. However, it is imperative to note that a business must be incorporated and in operation for a minimum of twelve months and have a minimum annual gross revenue of $100,000 to qualify for funding.

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