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Merchant Cash Advances

Turn Future Cash Flow Into Instant Capital

One of our most in demand product!

Learn why so many customers opt for Merchant Cash Advances

Turn Future Cash Flow Into Instant Capital

Convert your future cash flow into immediate capital for use. Our Merchant Cash Advance program is reliable and easy-to-use that requires no collateral or liens. We take a look at your potential debit/credit transactions and give you a loan based on your estimated monthly sales. This allows business owners, especially those who offer seasonal services and products, make necessary changes that are important for their business.

Pay back with a flexible repayment cycle that is based on a percentage of your terminal sales therefore being directly inline with your sales cycle. You can now forego the traditional loan payments and try out new flexible repayment structure


Most Demanded by Clients

Make a request on our website and wait for a response within the next business day. Each customer inquiry is forwarded to the appropriate team member, so they are able to discuss your requirements in depth during your initial meeting.

When I first approached Kingsmen, I wasn’t aware of the different types of programs they had to offer as I was only looking for financing. But when I sat down with one of the advisors and learned about their many other programs, I was thrilled to know that they could offer support in area’s that I needed help with – especially social media marketing.

Eddie Malka

Owner, Must Boutique