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A Twist on Traditional Loans

Don’t have debit/credit transactions?

Here’s why a business loan might be better suited

Prefer Fixed Repayments?

A form of insecure loans, this program is better suited for businesses that don’t depend on daily debit/credit transactions. Ideal for small business owners who prefer a fixed repayment schedule and maturity date, this program provides cash up-front. Instead of a variable payment, a fix daily payment is made automatically to repay the loan and offers owners better position to manage their monthly expenses.

Businesses like manufacturers, business services or wholesalers can benefit from this program as it offers them the convenience of traditional financing with better flexibility and ease.

Trusted by Customers

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When we decided to expand our restaurant, we knew that we needed capital for renovation and adding new inventory. Kingsmen offered us a great alternative to taking out a traditional loan with the bank that helped us make the much needed changes. They gave us the exact amount we needed, and created a repayment plan that was easy to pay back and worked well for us.

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Toronto, CA