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Bespoke financing solutions for Canada's lower middle market enterprises.


Corporate Financing

Kingsmen’s professionals are experienced in dealing with strategic corporate financing transactions. Our professionals consistently arrange institutional and private financing for capital expenditures, debt refinancing, and acquisitions.  Kingsmen exclusively advises clients requiring a minimum of $500,000 to $30 million dollars. With specialized experience in private capital markets and capital raising, our professionals play a key role in structuring the necessary financing and advisory to clients. Kingsmen exclusively focuses on the lower middle market where our professionals have gained over 20 years of cumulative experience. Our firm has developed deep institutional relationships with private credit funds, commercial banks, and private investors. 

Debt Financing & Advisory

We diligently work with lower middle market clients to create a complete deal package that enable our clients to secure the right financing at competitive rates.

We work with:

     ‣  Lower middle market corporations requesting financing between $500,000 and $30,000,000

     ‣  Lower middle market corporations with revenue of less than $50,000,000 

     ‣  Lower middle market private & public corporations all across Canada 

     ‣  Senior debt, Junior debt, Asset based financing, non-traditional Capital. 

     ‣  Business stages: Growing, established, and distressed. 

Commercial Real Estate Financing

We secure financing for businesses looking to purchase any type of commercial real estate or trying to refinance their debt facilities and unsecured loans. Kingsmen’s network of banking channels allows us to procure competitive rates, while our relationships with private lenders allows us to obtain higher LTV  ratios for our clients. Investment criteria include post-revenue companies with high growth opportunity, an ability to earn equity-type returns for investors, a strong management team, defensible competitive advantage and sizable market opportunity.

Acquisition Advisory

Our team facilitates the purchase of companies generating less than $40 million in revenue. Our experts will assist clients every step of the way: from the identification of potential acquisition targets, boasting healthy synergy values, and performing in depth due diligence. Finally Kingsmen plays a major role in attaining and structuring the financing required to complete the transaction.