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Bespoke financing solutions for Canada's lower middle market enterprises.


Corporate Financing

Our corporate finance advisory team provides capital-raising services for Canadian middle-market businesses. Kingsmen specializes in providing debt advisory and acquisition advisory services to clients in multiple industries. Our team of advisors are well versed in the public and private debt markets, drawing from their experiences in banking, private credit, debt brokering, and entrepreneurship. Our team advises clients on the state of the debt markets and assists with structuring a solution to acquire financing to accelerate growth, conduct capital expenditures, and acquisitions/buyouts. We leverage our relationships with commercial banks, specialty financiers, private credit investors, to competitively provide solutions to our clients.

Debt Financing & Advisory

Kingsmen works diligently with middle-market entities to attain debt financing solutions. Whether firms are looking to refinance their debt or attain subordinated debt facilities for additional cash flow, our team can assist with developing a transactional strategy and manage the capital-raising process.


  • Revenue Requirement: Firms generating revenues between $2-$90 million annually
  • Firms requesting financing between $2-$30 million
  • Financing structures: Senior, Subordinate, Asset Based, and Non-Traditional Capital facilities.
  • Preferred Industries: Wholesale, Manufacturing, Construction, Medical, Aviation, Transportation & Logistics.
  • Preferred Business Stages: Growing, Matured, and Distressed (Minimum 3 years of financial history)

Acquisition Finance

Our advisory team has experience in dealing with strategic acquisitions and buyouts. Our team aids clients every step of the way, by leveraging their experiences in management buyouts and structuring acquisition financing. Our team focuses on providing financing for such transactions whilst working closely with clients to conduct their business acquisition strategy.  Kingsmen possess a large portfolio of businesses allowing us to identify and approach potential targets for our clients as well.