Equipment Financing

Equipment Financing

Financing expensive, heavy duty-equipment is often necessary so that business owners can free up capital for other areas of the operation.

At Kingsmen Capital we are your one-stop solution for mid-ticket equipment financing of both new and used equipment. We understand that leasing or purchasing equipment for your business can be a significant investment. Partnering with us can reduce the stress associated with these financing decisions.

We have a team of experienced financial professionals ready to present you with options.

We provide flexible solutions at competitive rates for a wide range of equipment across varying businesses and industries.

Our financing options include but not limited to:

  • Construction Equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Retail
  • Restuarant
  • Manufacturing equipment
    • Transportation & logistics
    • Agricultural and Forestry
    • Oil and gas
    • Industrial
    • Logistics & distribution


    Having access to capital so you can optimize your financial resources is imperative. That’s why we offer comprehensive equipment refinancing solutions.

    Equipment refinancing is a strategic financial tool that allows you to turn the value of your existing equipment into collateral for a loan. Converting long-term assets into immediate cash, is a great way to inject working capital into your business. We can help make it happen.

    Why Companies Choose Equipment Financing:

    lower rates and better terms

    Refinancing your equipment presents you with the opportunity to secure better interest rates and terms compared to your current financial arrangement.

    improved cash flow

    Refinancing allows you to restructure your debt and extend repayment terms, resulting in lower monthly payments. The increased cash flow will give greater flexibility in the management of your business. Day-to-day expenses, investing in growth opportunities, or weathering challenging economic conditions are just a few of the advantages that come with improved cashflow.

    generate working capial

    Refinancing your equipment opens the door to additional working capital without the need for traditional lending options. This capital infusion can be used to fund expansion initiatives or business acquisitions, support research and development efforts and provide investment capital for marketing and sales strategies.

    accounting and tax benefits

    Equipment refinancing can offer tax advantages in instances such as depreciation benefits or the ability to deduct interest payments. Consulting with our team can help you uncover the specific benefits that align with your business’s financial goals

    At Kingsmen Capital, we specialize in refinancing used equipment. Unlike traditional lenders, we have an in-depth understanding of the used equipment market. This experience enables us to make quick decisions and provide funding solutions that others may overlook. We consider a wide range of equipment types, including older and specialized machinery.


    Companies that operate a business that does not invest in real estate, can often help maximize the use of their assets with a sale-leaseback transaction.

    A Leaseback allows businesses to attain financing by leveraging their asset, while simultaneously entering in to an agreement to lease the asset back for the long term. Because many business owners own their equipment free and clear of any liens, this equipment can be leveraged, providing liquidity to the business.

    Kingsmen Capital Investments have created a sale-leaseback program, that allows you to utilize your existing equipment to boost capital and fuel business expansion. With our adaptable terms, we can customize the leaseback structure to align with your specific business and financial needs, guaranteeing maximum benefits for you.

    We have vast expertise in effectively organizing this form of business financing and we look forward to discussing the details of our leaseback program.

    Leaseback advantages include:

    • Extra cash flow
    • More working capital
    • Retained ownership rights in your business assets

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