Revolving Line of Credit

Revolving Line
Of Credit

Our Kingsmen Capital business line of credit program is a valuable tool to help businesses manage their day to day expenses so that business owners can focus on growing their business.

Our revolving line of credit empowers your business with unparalleled flexibility, boosting cash flow, and consolidating debt for a more manageable financial future.

Say goodbye to burdensome debt servicing and expensive financing options!

Whether you need to navigate seasonal fluctuations, fund unexpected expenses, or seize growth opportunities without delay, our revolving line of credit provides quick and convenient access to capital. It serves as a reliable source of senior debt, secured by assets such as inventory, receivables, equipment and/or real estate, giving you the funding you need through a quick and easy financing process.

consolidate debt

Enables your business to consolidate all your debt on one credit facility. Our program allows businesses to utilize this single facility to payout other business loans, CEBA loan, short term loans, etc.

significantly reduce debt servicing

Consolidating all your business debts into a Kingsmen Capital line of credit facility allows you to make interest only payments when your business cycle demands it. 

Access Larger sums of capital

This facility is based on A/R and inventory, and allows you to leverage your assets such as equipment and real estate to significantly increase the value of your line of credit. Consolidate your debt and gain access to a large sum of additional capital for future use.

increased Flexibility

Our line of credit gives you, as the business owner, the ability to draw down the balance when when you decide to or require access to additional funding.

business growth

Reduced debt servicing costs combined with the ability to draw down the balance on your account makes it easy for your business to reinvest additional cash back into your business at any time.

Simplify your finances, supercharge your cash flow, and fuel your business’s growth with our revolving line of credit – the catalyst for success in Canada’s competitive business landscape.